Once upon a time there was the Akasha…the story could begin like this, if not for the fact that the Akasha was, is and will always be there. But was is Akasha? According to Hinduism, Akasha, in sanscrit language, is the “substance”, the essence that everything is made of, that permeates and contains the universe. Every event, every thought, every emotion is “recorded” into Akasha. It is known that there are some very true Akashic Records where it is impressed any event of any soul, of any sentient being  who incarnated in this and other planet. In theses files are recorded all the situations, thoughts, emotions, words, intentions and actions belonging to a being from its separation from the Source back to its point of origin. This Record connects  us oneanother and it’s the biggest source of knowledge we can draw to, this is what the Bible refers to when it talks about the “book of life”. In spite of being a simple memory warehouse, this Akashic file is interactive, we can write on it every day. It inspires dreams, explains attraction or repulsion among human beeings, it molds and shapes levels of human awareness. Greats sensitives and psychics, among them Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), Alice Bailey (1880-1949) and  Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), could access the memories of the soul of the human being and of the Planetary Soul transcribing the information received in their writings. Cayce for tmore than 40 years could access to the information contained in what he called the “akashic chronicles” or ” book of the memories of God”. Rudolf Steiner philosopher, pedagogue and founder of the Antroposofic Society, had the ability to receive information from beyond the material world, from a “spiritual world” and believed that the ability to perceive it could be developed. Madame Blavatsky said:  “Akasha, Astral Light, can be defined as the Universal Soul, the universal Matrix, the  Magnum Mysterium from which everything is born from separation or differentiation” All journeys of reincarnation of a soul are recorded in these archives, but for a question of selfconservation the beeing erases its memory to avoid self distruction by keeping the memory of previous mistakes or strong traumas. Having access to the Records means to receive indications to head towards the goal the soul meant to reach before incarnation. To receive a reading of your own Akashic Record is equivalent to consult a road map before going on a trip: probaly you’d reach the destination anyway, but by consulting the map before you might avoid uneuseful deviations. In these experience, opposite to what happens in a regression, there’s no need to relive your various deaths to learn the meaning of one life, this can be revealed by the Guardian Masters of the Akashic Records, who know anything about us and lovingly keep all the information about the different incarnations. The Masters reveal only the type and quantity of information our soul is ready to contain in the reading. In order not to interfere with our life and in expressing our free will, the information received will  always be compatible to the evolutive moment we are in.

A reading is unique experience, not only for the messages we receive, but also for the giving of these beings full of love, comprehension and compassion.

We feel that our soul is never alone, that we are always  accompanied in our path and supported by their unconditional love.

Each soul, when separates from the Source and entering the different levels of matter, emits a specific sound or tone. This tone resonates with the name and last name, chosen in this incarnation, and contains the specific information belonging to that soul. To achieve it the Spirits who hold the Akashic plane, give us a specific symbolic key in form of a Sacred and Secret Prayer.

Each reading, which is individual and private, starts with the declaiming of the Sacred Prayer to open the channel and achieve the counsciousness of the Spiritual Guidance. After the Prayer the answering question process can begin.                                                                                                                The information arrives in different ways: through words, images or sensations that the channeler detects and communicates.                                      We can receive knowledge about our thought and behaviours patterns that stop us from flowing lovingly in life and see how to disolve them.

During the reading there is not only a flow of information: by opening the channel of contact we are filled with unconditional love energy at the highest vibration. This produces an expansion of consiousness and so for breaks through and healings can take place.

You also receive karmic healing: the comprehension of some repetitive patterns, or limiting beliefs, fears, etc., produces liberation, because the ignorance keep us tied to the Samsara wheel. By reconnecting to this ancestral force we acceed to our Spiritual Lineage.

A reading of your own Akashic records can be done also at distance as the Akashic Records don’t belong to this phisical plane. I offer akashic readings through Skype or phone. If you would like to receive a personal reading, please contact me at: cristinavignato@gmail.com to fix an appointment. The reading usually lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, it’s beter if you make sure to be comfortable and undisturbed for the whole session.
To become a reader of the Akashic Records, yours and the ones of other peole, it’s facilitated through the ceremony of Initiation-Attunement. It’s a very strong process done by Masters and beeings of light, very pleasant and delightful. Through the Initiation to the A.R. the vibration frequency is being raised so that the counsciousness can be amplified and raised as well,  so that you can absorb more and more energy and of a higher quality. The tube of light is the channell through which the subtile energy can penetrate in this plan, enters from the crown chakra and comes out from the root chakra. When the human being is perfectly alligned with this syntony, all his being is transformed into a channell of Light, up to where his human experience allows it. During the process the personal tube of Light is connected to the higher plans and the soul is being anchored into the core of the Hearth. So that every initiated is transformed into a channel and anchor of Light: attracts divine energy and impregnate it in this plan. It is transformed into a column of Light. To receive the Initiations – Attunements you will be prepared in a two days experience of joy and celebrating, through dance, meditation and sharing, my role is to hold the space so that the Spirit comes. Whereever there is a group of people interested I go and facilitate the process with joy. Please feel fre to contact me if you’re interested.

An inner journey 

to discover your essence

Who I am

Cristina Vignato

I’m Cristina Vignato, soul explorer, can’t find a better definition for my multiple activities.

My “awakening”  (please notice the inverted commas) begins in 1997 with the opening of a beautiful book shop of “books to listen to yourself” where I also organized conferences and workshops about self knowledge and non conventional medicine.
Beyond reading the books I also learned healing techniques like Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Rebirthing, and Yoga.
When the bookshop time was over, I moved to Rome where I fed my artistic side by following a professional actress training and  studying with the most known teachers from all over the word. I worked as an actress for some years.
My personal training is continuous, it follows my evolution.
I attend lectures, seminars and pratical workshop of psychology, transpersonal psychology, psycho energetical techniques, circular breathing, amplified state of counsciousness. I regulary practice Hatha Yoga and Nordic Walking.
I’m Holistic Counselor, associated with S.I.A.F. (Italian Society of Family Harmonizer). I received, among others, the initiation as reader and then the  Master in Akashic Records.
I like to be together with people with whom I can exchange discoveries and knowledge about spiritual topics with a light and sacred attitude. I love talking about God and dance!
This web site was born with the intention of letting me know and to spread the self counsciousness.
I hope it can helps.
The encounter with my Higher Self and the Master through the Akashic Records Initiations literally changed my life. I’m in service to spread this possibility to all the people willing to receive it. I constantly ask God and the Universe to be able to support people who come to me. My joy is to see your sparkle of joy resonating with mine.
I do my best to be a pure and cristalline channel so that the communication of the Masters and Guides can flow through me in the clearest way.
Many blessings to all.
Awareness of a higher octave From the Initiations on, my existence reached an awareness of an higher octave. Now my connection is conscious , before it was there but without a meaning, today I find in the Voice/Presence of the Masters an harmony that transformed my life” I strictly followed your advises, fronìm the Initiation on I opened my Akashic records, every days for two months and I felt, experienced everything. Following a conscious path and a deep work on ourself, the experience and the opportunity you give it’s true illumination. What you do for the way of service is of a unvaluable worth.

M.C, Biella,(Italy) March 2015

Legion of Angels I feel much lighter & happier since my reading with Cristina. It felt such power during the session, as if my whole body were tingling and a legion of angels were around and then I felt such calm. I found the insights taken from the reading to be really helpful and something practical that I can use to help me in my everyday life. Cristina is very gifted in her ability to connect to the higher spiritual realms and then translate that information. She is a loving and powerful woman. I would recommend anyone who is on a path of self-discovery or at a cross-roads in their life to have a session with this talented woman. C.B. Seattle, USA Jan. 2014

Desire to serve others I am so amazed at this work and strongly desire to be able to do this for others. Thank you for all that you give to this world. You are a wonderful teacher! J . A. Kansas City,  USA Oct. 2014

My life has been changed I had the pleasure of attending an Akashic Records seminar facilitated by Cristina Vignato. I was unsure what to expect but her mastery of the Akashic Records allowed me to reconnect to my spirituality on a higher level than I have ever have on my own. The result of attending the seminar left me on cloud nine for several days and gave me another tool to add to my spiritual guidance arsenal. Cristina has a wonderful, thoughtful approach to her teaching and initiation. My life has been changed from not only meeting Cristina but allowing her teaching to penetrate my consciousness. R. L. Colorado Springs,  USA Jan. 2015