Cristina Vignato

I’m Cristina Vignato: soul explorer. I can’t find a better definition for my multiple activities that extend to many parts of spirituality and healing.
I’m Holistic Counselor, associated with S.I.A.F. (Italian Society of Family Harmonizer). I received the initiation as reader and then the Master in Akashic Records.

My “awakening” (please notice the inverted commas) begins in 1997 with the opening of a beautiful book shop called “Books to listen to yourself”. Here I also organized conferences and workshops about self knowledge and non-conventional medicine.

Beyond reading the books, I also learned healing techniques like:

  • Reiki
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Rebirthing
  • Yoga
  • Nordic Walking

I later moved to Rome where I fed my artistic side by following a professional actress training and studying with the most well-known teachers from all over the world. I worked as an actress for some years. My personal training is continuous, it follows my evolution.

I continuously attend lectures seminars and practical workshops about:

  • psychology
  • transpersonal psychology
  • psycho energetical techniques
  • circular breathing
  • amplified state of consciousness.

It is a great passion of mind to be able to connect with people who I can exchange meaningful discoveries about spiritual topics with a light and sacred attitude. I love talking about God and dance!

This website was born with the intention of spreading the self-awareness and consciousness.
I hope I can help you reach that Higher Self.

The encounter with my Higher Self and the Master through the Akashic Records Initiations changed my life. I’m in service to spread this possibility to all the people willing to receive it. I constantly ask God and the Universe to be able to support people who come to me. My joy is to see your sparkle of joy resonating with mine.

I do my best to be a pure and cristalline channel so that the communication of the Masters and Guides can flow through me in the clearest way.

Many blessings to all,