Individual sessions of reading of Akashic Records

As a Master of Akashic Records I give Akashic Record reading sessions lasting about one hour, both in person and remotely, over the phone or skype. The online session takes place exactly as it would take place in the presence which, as far as reading the Akashic Records is concerned, is not necessary.

Individual sessions of holistic spiritual counselling and breathwork

I propose a path of support and self-knowledge in individual meetings lasting an hour and a half through deep listening and the use of circular breathwork and other psycho-body techniques.

Individual sessions of regression to past lives

According to the technique of dr. Brian Weiss I was trained with. If we have not solved fundamental issues for our evolution, our soul retains the memory even in this life. This memory can result in physical symptoms or difficulties. Reliving in a guided way and without the emotional load the life in which the symptom or problem that disturbs us originated today, allows us to replace the old information with the new awareness and return to the situation of equilibrium. Often it is not necessary to regress to “past” lives but during the session, key episodes of this life that we had forgotten may instead resurface. Freeing ourselves from what no longer belongs to us means walking lighter in life and opening the doors to the new.