Initiations attunements to the Akashic Records

  • To become a reader of the Akashic Records, yours and the ones of other people, you have to be facilitated through the ceremony of Initiation-Attunement. It’s a very strong process done by Masters and beings of light, very pleasant and delightful. Through the Initiation to the Akashic Records, the vibration frequency is raised so that the counsciousness can be amplified and raised as well, in that way you can absorb more and more energy, which is of a higher quality.
  • The tube of light is the channel through which the subtle energy can penetrate in this plan, enters from the crown chakra and comes out from the root chakra. When the human being is perfectly alligned with this syntony, all his being is transformed into a channel of Light, up to where his human experience allows it.
  • During the process, the personal tube of Light is connected to the higher plans, and the soul is being anchored into the core of the Hearth. In this way, every initiate is transformed into a channel and anchor of Light: this attracts divine energy and impregnates it in this plan. It is transformed into a column of Light. To receive the Initiations–Attunements, you will be prepared in a two days experience of joy and celebration, through dance, meditation and sharing.

My role is to hold the space so that the Spirit comes. Wherever there is a group of people interested, I go and facilitate the process with joy. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested.