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Reflections on the ‘Sphere’

While watching TV the other evening, quite “by chance” I saw the film “Sphere”, the story of a team of scientists and soldiers who are positioned at the bottom of the ocean to investigate a mysterious sphere that had appeared 300 years earlier.

I will not go into the merits of the film, but the food for thought comes from the fact that this magnificent golden sphere had a great possibility: if you entered it you were able to manifest your thoughts in three-dimensional reality. We could call it a kind of “Aladdin’s lamp” of an alien variety. And instead, all that the unfortunate scientists, unaware of the power they now possess, can do is express their fears. And then giant jellyfish, snakes, nightmares, and death instincts of various kinds take shape and end up exterminating most of the crew, with few survivors.

What a pity, is it not? Having such a treasure and using it badly… it seems like they weren’t ready for such a miracle yet and in fact, at the end of the film they decide to forget everything to avoid disasters. Oblivion allows them not to continue creating new dangerous scenarios and not to reveal what they have experienced to the world.

It’s a great sadness when the giant sphere leaves the depths of the sea and flies up to the sky…

Drunvalo argues that the instantaneous manifestation of our thoughts is a normal thing in the fourth dimension, towards which we are all inevitably heading. If that is the case, then it is time for preparation, and indeed, according to him, there is very little time.

In my opinion, every global change starts from the individual transformation, and therefore, I wanted to test myself: I tried to observe my thoughts for a whole day, to see what I would have done if I had had the golden sphere available. I will not reveal the results of this here, but the experiment turned out to be quite interesting.

I invite those who want to see where they stand on their path to imagine being inside this wonderful golden sphere that transforms everything you think into reality. Even at work, in traffic, at the post office, at the doctor for a prescription, or in line at the supermarket checkout.

It’s a great test.

But luckily, there are sunsets, trees, flowers, the sea, animals, friends, love, sisters, and brothers. Fortunately.

Another trick that I often use when I realize that my thoughts are not in line with my true essence, which is light, is simply to repeat thanks. I repeat thanks with the certainty that there is always a good reason to be grateful, or that I am thanking in advance for what will happen. I believe that gratitude is truly the key to happiness and in the fourth dimension, only happy moments would manifest.

In the meantime, before the fateful passage, I like to think that in you, who read these words, a shy smile is springing up, which will surely manifest another and then another to make your days intensely happy, immediately, even without a sphere!

A thousand blessings.