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The Akashic Records is the way to spiritual independence

“… and what do you do?”

“Well, I… I’m a Master of Akashic Records.”

“Master of what??”

This is an example of what happens every time someone asks me about my work.

After all, if someone had talked to me about Akasha two years ago, I would have reacted the same way. This article was born to respond to and clarify a topic so vast that it is arousing a lot of interest among people on the path of knowledge. The Akashic Records is a help that has been rained down from heaven and is nothing new. Traces of them are found in various passages of the Bible (Exodus 32:32, Psalms 56: 8-9, 40: 7-8, 139: 16, Revelations 20:12) in which the Book of Life is referred to as the place which contains the history of the world. Subsequently, in the writings of great psychics and seers such as Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner, and Edgar Cayce, to name but a few, reference is made to the Akashic field as a “place” from which to draw information.

But what are these Akashic records?

First of all, they are made of Akasha. According to the Hindu vision, Akasha is the primordial element, the one from which all the others originated: water, air, fire, and earth. In Sanskrit, Akasha means “immanent light that impregnates the worlds”. It is clear that this is something not tangible, according to our sensorial conception, but existing in the subtle and energetic vision of things. Something that pervades all things, omnipresent. I love to call it a “film” on which all the events, all the emotions, all the thoughts, all the stories of every sentient being and the whole Universe are recorded, from its origin to today. Difficult to conceive with our little minds.

Imagine a universal computer with an infinite memory that contains countless files. One of these files speaks of you: this is your Akashic Record. On this file, there is everything related to the eternal part of you that, life after life, has had experiences on Earth and elsewhere. In this register, (if instead of the computer you prefer to imagine a huge library, your register would be one of the billions of volumes that compose it) in this virtual place, the whole history of your essence or soul from the detachment from the Source up to today is preserved. Every thought, every emotion, every vicissitude that you have experienced life after life, leaves an energetic trace on this book. And it continues to do so even in the present; we write our history by making our Akashic register something alive and interactive.

According to this vision, there is no predetermined destiny, karma has an irremediable result on actions performed in the past to which we must submit powerlessly and resigned, but on the contrary, there is always the possibility of understanding, overcoming, and evolving.

It is said that before descending into human form on Earth, the essence establishes the fundamental experiences through which it wants to pass. But the thoughts, intuitions, emotions, and aspirations that we have in the present moment can make us take a different direction from the one we had established before incarnating. We may have understood patterns or overcome certain traumas and no longer need to relive them even if that was the original plan. That is, we could find ourselves in the situation of not necessarily having to live the experiences we had written on our Register before we were born. In this sense, it can be said that the Akashic records are interactive because they leave open the possibility of exercising our free will.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the greatest contemporary connoisseur of the Akashic Records, for years made accurate readings on people’s health, real diagnoses, with great clarity and precision, declaring to “read” the information on the person’s Akashic register itself. He argued that there was no destiny to which individuals must submit, but he defined karma as a set of “memory patterns”, an ocean of information stored in the Akashic Records that the subconscious brings into the present. Cayce did not see it as a debt to be paid at any cost, but as a store of memories that can be lightened by acting on one’s own free will.

Free will is the greatest form of unconditional love that exists – all the work of the Akashic records is based on this. The idea that “someone” loves us to the point of not directly intervening in our choices to allow us to live the experiences is not easy to understand, but it is the basis for developing the awareness of our inner freedom, of our power of co-creators of what happens to us.

Why the consultation?

At this point, you may be wondering why it is important to consult your Akashic Record.

During the earthly experience, we could find ourselves in a stalemate in which we seem to have lost the clarity of direction, enthusiasm, and the very meaning of life. We do not find peace and the mind and his films torment us relentlessly. Human relationships get difficult and everything seems to go the opposite way to what we want.

In these moments, it is of great help to consult our registry to find comfort and to understand what we can do to change. Reading our Akashic record helps us remember the things we already know, the choices we have already made but cannot find. The information we receive is confirmation, they are indications to help us listen to the voice of the heart, to which we do not always give credit, preferring to follow the suggestions that seem more “logical” to us in our minds, but that in the end do not make us happy.


To whom is contact made when we open our Akashic Record? Let us return for a moment to the image of the mega library. Since these are such important documents, we can easily assume that there are adequate custodians to ensure their safety. And that’s right.

In custody of our Akashic Record and the Cosmic Akashic Records (the records on which general information is stored) there are many entities: Guardian Masters, Ascended Masters or Masters with whom we resonate, Beings of light, Essences that are there and stay close in this life, Angels, and many others. We also get in touch with ourselves but we without personality, without ego, we manifest mastery, that is our essence, our Spirit.

In the place that is neither timeless nor a form of the Akashic Records, there is no difference between us and them. But living in duality, we still need to distinguish ourselves from them and hence the need to perceive Masters or Angels or beings of light that will manifest in a form accessible to our consciousness.

Whatever the form chosen, when we are in the presence of the vibratory frequency of the Masters, the perception is so clear that there is no room for doubt. It is something difficult to explain in words, but anyone who has had a mystical experience at least once knows what I’m talking about. When we open our Akashic Record, we ask specific questions on issues of our life that are important to us, and the answer always comes, accompanied by the frequency of unconditional love. This unconditional love that we receive is the most powerful, transforming, and healing energy there is.

First, it transforms our consciousness, allowing us to understand things from a broader level and regain the awareness of being spiritual beings traveling in the density of the body and not the bodies that occasionally experience the spirit. Consequently, we will face every situation more easily, regaining our full power to exercise our free will without conditioning. The Masters love us so much that they never interfere in our choices so as not to deprive us of the opportunity to experience. Knowing that whatever happens we are constantly loved and guided makes us light and serene, and being able to perceive the possibility of co-creating the life we ​​want makes us free.

How to proceed

But how can the Akashic Records be consulted?

If we cannot do it on our own, the simplest way is to turn to a reader, that is to a person who has received first and second level initiations or to a Master (who has the additional degree of mastery) and ask for a reading. If, on the other hand, we wish to do it alone, we can attend a first level tuning-initiation course to learn how to read our registers and a second level to read those of the people who request it. The information arrives in various ways: in the form of words, images, or sensations that can be felt by both those who channel and those who receive the reading.

In these difficult times, the possibility of regaining possession of the way to access our true essence is a gift that is given to us from heaven, to help us move forward in the light. Since I encountered this possibility, I have lived in the joy of knowing and feeling that this life is perfect exactly as it is, without judging and without wanting to understand everything immediately, allowing me to flow with what is there. This is the greatest gift that the Masters and all beings of light who guide me and my path have given me, and it is a real joy to have been able to share it with you in these few lines.

This article is taken from Lux Terrae magazine of dec. 2013
The Akashic Records: the way to spiritual independence