Akasha: The path to spiritual independence

My book, Akasha: The path to spiritual independence, contains all the discoveries I’ve made on my blissful journey to becoming a master of the Akashic Records. This is in hopes that it will inspire others towards awareness and change. By opening my heart, to touch the heart of the people who, like me, have experienced moments of confusion and desperation, you can remember your true soul.

Learn how to live in perfect harmony with the Whole. It begins by recovering a connection to our soul history. The power and the love contained in these words will encourage you to continue to go beyond whatever weakness you may have and expand your outlook.

This work is a manual of information about the Akashic Records and a loving incentive to inner growth to reach your full potential. Answer spiritual questions you’ve always had.

When we make mindful choices and progress by following what makes our heart sing, we advance in life according to the evolution plan of our soul.

There are immense benefits that come from being in contact with the invisible helpers – ‘guardians of the Akashic Records’. The author invites you to hear reports of messages directly channelled though her.

  • Access healing energy
  • Find peace and fulfillment
  • Discover inner growth, and reach your full potential
  • Find answers to spiritual questions
  • Learn to get in contact with your Higher Self
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