What is the Akasha?

Once upon a time there was the Akasha… the story could begin like this, if not for the fact that the Akasha was, is, and will always be there. But what is the Akasha? According to Hinduism, Akasha, in sanskrit language, is the “substance” or the essence that everything is made of, that permeates and contains the universe. Every event, every thought, every emotion is “recorded” into Akasha. It is known that there are some very true Akashic Records where it is impressed that any event of any soul, of any sentient being who incarnated in this and other planet is recorded. In these files there are recordings of all the situations, thoughts, emotions, words, intentions, and actions belonging to a being, from its separation from the Source back to its point of origin. This Record connects us with one another and it’s the biggest source of knowledge we can draw to. This is what the Bible refers to when it talks about the “book of life”.

What do the Akashic Records do?

In spite of being a simple memory warehouse, this Akashic file is interactive, we can write on it every day. It inspires dreams, explains attraction or repulsion among human beings, it molds, and shapes levels of human awareness. Great sensitives and psychics, among them Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), Alice Bailey (1880-1949) and Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), could access the memories of the soul of the human being and of the Planetary Soul, transcribing the information received in their writings. Cayce, for more than 40 years, could access the information contained in what he called the “akashic chronicles” or ”book of the memories of God”. Rudolf Steiner, philosopher, pedagogue, and founder of the Antroposofic Society, had the ability to receive information from beyond the material world, from a “spiritual world” and believed that the ability to perceive it could be developed. Madame Blavatsky said: “Akasha, Astral Light, can be defined as the Universal Soul, the universal Matrix, the Magnum Mysterium from which everything is born from separation or differentiation”.

The Akashic Journey

All journeys of reincarnation of a soul are recorded in these archives, but for a question of self-conservation, the being erases its memory to avoid self distruction by keeping the memory of previous mistakes or strong traumas. Having access to the Records means to receive indications, to head towards the goal the soul meant to reach before incarnation. To receive a reading of your own Akashic Record is equivalent to consult a road map before going on a trip: you’d probably reach the destination anyway, but by consulting the map before, you might avoid unnecessary deviations. In these experiences, opposite to what happens in a regression, there’s no need to relive your various deaths to learn the meaning of one life, this can be revealed by the Guardian Masters of the Akashic Records, who know everything about us and lovingly keep all the information about different incarnations. The Masters reveal only the type and quantity of information our soul is ready to contain in the reading. In order not to interfere with our life and in expressing our free will, the information received will always be compatible to the evolutive moment we are in.