What can I do for you?

I lead with a method I created, called A.Mo.Re: Attention, Movement, Respiration – for the transformation of the being and to celebrate the Initiations-Attunements to the Akashic Records wherever it is needed, with joy and gratitude.

A.Mo.Re. is a path of knowledge and exploration of oneself through the body and through movement and connected circular breathing. The breathing session lasts about an hour and includes evocative background music that facilitates the connection with oneself and with the deepest and wisest part of ourselves.
Cultivating peace within us is the best help we can give to others, who will benefit from it and remain infected by our own well-being. A.Mo.Re. therefore is an opportunity to get in touch with the truest part of ourselves in a pleasant, relaxing, and even fun way, supported by the strength of the group and assisted by a competent guide, in an atmosphere of respect and kindness. Through A.Mo.Re. you can experience clarifying visions, feelings of unity and total love, cosmic understandings, and a psychophysical state of general well-being.

A.Mo.Re. is aimed at all curious people who want to experience a different way to get to know themselves and others. It can also be a valid support to your personal journey.