What is an Akashic Record Reading?

A reading is unique experience, not only for the messages we receive, but also for the giving of these beings, full of love, comprehension, and compassion.

We feel that our soul is never alone, that we are always accompanied in our path and supported by their unconditional love.

Each soul, when it separates from the Source and enters the different levels of matter, emits a specific sound or tone. This tone resonates with the name and last name, chosen in this incarnation, and contains the specific information belonging to that soul. To achieve it, the Spirits who hold the Akashic plane, give us a specific symbolic key in the form of a Sacred and Secret Prayer.

Each reading, which is individual and private, starts with the declaiming of the Sacred Prayer to open the channel and achieve the consciousness of the Spiritual Guidance. After the Prayer, the answering of questions process can begin. The information arrives in different ways: through words, images, or sensations that the channeler detects and communicates. We can receive knowledge about our thought and behaviour patterns that stop us from flowing lovingly in life and see how to dissolve them.

What happens during a reading?

During the reading there is not only a flow of information: by opening the channel of contact we are filled with unconditional love energy at the highest vibration. This produces an expansion of consciousness which breaks through so healings can take place.

You also receive karmic healing: the comprehension of some repetitive patterns, or limiting beliefs like fears etc., produces liberation, because the ignorance keeps us tied to the Samsara wheel. By reconnecting to this ancestral force we accede to our Spiritual Lineage.

How to receive a reading:

A reading of your own Akashic records can be done at distance, as the Akashic Records don’t belong to this physical plane. I offer Akashic readings through Skype or phone calls. If you would like to receive a personal reading, please fill in the form. The reading usually lasts 1 hour, so it’s best if you make sure you are comfortable and undisturbed for the whole session.